Towing services

Shipping container towing, vehicle and machinery Towing, tiny homes, and motorhome Towing.

Whether you are moving entire home content and require a shipping container towing service, need some machinery towed or a variety of vehicles transported, we have the trailers and the towing service to assist. Don’t risk damage to your assets. Let our experienced drivers assist with your towing needs.


Shipping Container Towing Service nz

Shipping Container Towing

From local moves to national relocations, we can help you move home with less stress and at competitive rates. Our shipping container towing provide you with plenty of flexible options when moving your goods around New Zealand.

Whether your company is moving a single item of freight, sending regular consignments, or relocating an entire office, you need a special set of services from a trusted moving company. We have the trailers and transport expertise to help you with the towing of shipping containers, machinery, vehicles, tiny homes and motorhomes.

Boat towing services

Boat Towing

Towing Vehicles can be a big task. To do it properly and within specified timeframes and budget you need to deal with NZ removal companies who do it every day. We can offer you comprehensive boat towing and professional transportation services based on years of experience towing vehicles. Our experienced drivers offer cost-effective and flexible towing services, their skilled handling of a wide range of vehicles ensure your vehicle makes it to its destination in the safest, most cost-effective way possible.

Get in touch for a towing quote. We are confident we can offer you the best towing service in NZ.



motorhome towing

Motorhome Towing

We have the experience and expertise to help make towing your motorhome an enjoyable experience.

We make it easy by providing local moving services to national relocation services. Our towing services are unique in that we specialise in difficult access and

We can tailor our motorhome towing service to suit your needs using our specialty trailers. Let us take care of the hard work while you concentrate on everything else. So if you’re looking for great service at a competitive price, let us help you on your journey.


Machinery Towing

Machinery Towing

Let ‘Just Move It’ take the stress out of your machinery towing needs. We have the trailers and towing expertise to safely, quickly and cost-effectively transport your machinery from A to B.

We’ve got specialist equipment for large loads and the flexibility to offer customised solutions to meet your towing and access needs.
We provide nationwide moving services, with both trailers and towing. We can handle every transportation requirement, from towing diggers to shipping container towing. We are confident we can give you the best price and service. Get in touch today.

Vehicles Towing

Vehicle Towing

Towing vehicles can be a specialised exercise. Do it properly and safely, within specified timeframes and budget you need to deal with expert towing companies in NZ who do it every day. If there’s one thing our driver’s love, it’s being on the road, hauling everything everywhere from the top of the north to the bottom of the south. Our expertise in towing vehicles of all sizes will ensure that your items reached their destination smoothly, with little stress and cost.

We can offer you comprehensive vehicle towing price as well as expert transportation services based on years of experience towing vehicles.


Tiny Home Towing

Towing Tiny Homes

Our experience towing shipping containers has helped us to develop the expertise required to tow tiny homes.

‘Just Move It’ has a range of tough utes, shipping containers and trailers to take on any transport job. Typical moving solutions involve unnecessary stress, whereas we use tiny home and shipping containers towing services to ensure a smoother and cost-effective moving solution. We take a great deal of care to ensure your tiny home arrives at its new location safe and sound.

Every move is different, so give us a call to discuss your needs. You’ll get a fast, friendly response and a no-nonsense quote.

Why Us

We have valuable experience towing an array of objects. As specialists in all types of relocation, we have a selection of trailers that allow us to tow anything from small and large vehicles to heavy shipping containers moving household goods. Our fleet and skills allow us to offer the best moving services in Christchurch at the lowest cost. You can trust us with the transportation of your vehicle, towing machinery, tiny homes and motorhomes.


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Towing Shipping Containers, Machinery & Vehicles